Eat Rice Lose Weight; Know how.


Oooh yeah, my South Indian mates could be extraordinarily blissful to learn this submit πŸ™‚Β  My North Indian mates, please don’t be miffed :), we additionally prefer to hog on Basmati rice equally πŸ˜›

Let me ask you a query –

  • Do you assume you possibly can Eat Rice Lose Weight?
  • Have you ever ever heard somebody saying that he/she has misplaced weight on a rice weight loss plan?

I’m positive not many would say a Sure!

You will hear now – I had as soon as been on a rice weight loss plan for three weeks and was reducing weight too! When my dietician requested me to cease wheat, I used to be like β€œWhatttt”? My expressions had been as if I had gone bankrupt πŸ˜‰ Its a SIN to ask a North Indian to surrender on Paranthas or rotis however individuals, I did ! I did hand over Wheat ! Phew, its looks like ages πŸ™

Okay, coming to the purpose now.

Sure, you possibly can eat rice and shed pounds

How To Eat Rice And Lose Weight

Guidelines to observe…

One – Half a small bowl or one fist rice is what 1 individual wants. Portion management is extraordinarily vital. We measure rotis by rely, do you measure rice that you just eat?

Two – No achaar please. You should use a teaspoon of Desi Ghee if required. There’s a distinction between a teaspoon and a tablespoon πŸ˜› BTW, Desi Ghee could be very wholesome, learn here. Don’t burn it, use it in cooked curries, rice n rotis.

Three – Have companions, it’s not good to be alone proper? πŸ˜› Similar approach – have salad, curd, vegetable and pulses as companions of rice.Β  After we eat roti, now we have all of those. Above all, you chew wheat and it takes time so that you can eat and our mind realizes you’re full and have eaten sufficient. With rice, you gulp it down your throat, nonetheless really feel nothing:P. The way to deal with this downside? Easy, have companions πŸ™‚ or add companions to rice like pulao with plenty of veggies.

rice for weight loss

4 – Use Stress Cooker if you prepare dinner Pulaao. Whenever you use strain cooker, you don’t want oil. Simply boil the veggies with rice.

5 – Whenever you choose steamed rice, prepare dinner rice in extra water. When rice will get cooked, throw the surplus water.

Six – Have rice in Lunch. If you wish to eat rice in dinner, have brown rice.

Seven – Add a spoonful of Flax seeds and Chia seeds to rice/curd to extend fiber content material. Examine them here and here.

Eight – Eat in a small plate. This may assist you to eat in management.

9 – If potential, don’t use separate bowls for pulses/curd/veggies. In case you do, there are probabilities that you’d end rice first leaving the more healthy stuff behind. Add the whole lot on high of rice heap, combine and have. Its nice to be uncooked typically πŸ˜›

Ten – Prepare dinner solely the required amount in any other case, you’ll find yourself consuming extra. If you’re hungry after ending a serving, await some time. Generally we take time to sense if we’re satiated or not.

Eleven – I’m not your Maths trainer to show you all the counting, lolz πŸ˜› :P.

P.S – I’m completely sober! It’s simply that one feels good to speak gentle throughout these robust occasions.

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