Foods and Indian diet chart for Fast Weight gain in babies (How to increase immunity in baby)


The load and immunity of the child are two main considerations of each mom. It’s essential to purpose for a balanced food regimen that may supply a very good quantity of diet to your baby. Good diet is important for progress and to construct immunity. So if you’re a type of mommies who need to learn about Prime meals and Indian food regimen chart for quick weight achieve in infants and Find out how to enhance immunity in child, then you might be on the proper place.


Prime Meals for Quick Weight Acquire in Infants:

You’ll observe that within the preliminary few months, your child grows up actually quick. With every passing month, there might be a rise in your child’s peak and weight. So you have to make sure that your child is well-fed, will get sufficient sleep, and vaccinated in keeping with the schedule. Within the first 6 months, your child ought to be completely breastfed. Ultimately, after 6 months you possibly can introduce liquids after which semi-solid meals to your child’s food regimen regime.

Listed here are among the finest meals you could embrace in your child’s weight achieve food regimen plan.


  1. Breast Milk:

As talked about above, your child ought to take breast milk through the first 6 months. Breast milk is definitely digestible, balanced, nutritious and the healthiest superfood which helps construct immunity in your child. Breast milk accommodates all vitamins like iron, nutritional vitamins, fluoride, mineral dietary supplements, water, and multivitamins required for the general growth of your child.

  1. Fruits And Greens:

Fruit and veggies include immunity-building minerals. These are a should in your baby’s food regimen. Fruits like apple, papaya, and banana will be included as a snack. Greens like candy potato, carrots, spinach and inexperienced peas, are all nutritious and excessive in dietary fiber. You may give these veggies in pureed type or like soup. They’ve their very own distinctive candy style which your baby will gradual;y adapt.

  1. Pulses:

Pulses include numerous vitamins like calcium, proteins, iron, potassium, fiber, and magnesium. After 6 months, it’s a good suggestion to start out dal water.  This can assist with weight achieve. Moong dal soup or khichdi are additionally nice choices to your child. These pulses are simply digestible and supply fiber.

  1. Nachni/ Ragi:

This superfood is wealthy in fiber, iron, proteins, vitamin B1, B2, and calcium which is required for wholesome growth and weight achieve of your child. Ragi also can strengthen the immune system of your child. It may be given within the type of porridge, idli, cereals, or dosa. Learn – Benefits of Ragi.

  1. Oats:

Oats include immense fiber, calcium, proteins, iron, zinc, and magnesium. It’s a healthful meals that may maintain your child satiated and enhance digestion energy. You’ll be able to supply oats porridge, oats dosa, pancakes, oats cookies, or oats kheer to your child as a wholesome breakfast choice.

  1. Dry Fruits:

Dry fruits like almonds, cashews, pistachios, figs, and walnuts are energy-dense and might present enough vitamins required to realize weight in infants. You’ll be able to embrace them in powdered type in milk or cereals. Dry fruit ladoo will be given with milk to older infants. Begin by introducing dry fruits in small quantities and progressively enhance it as your child grows. However verify with any allergic reactions.

  1. Eggs:

The powerhouse of nutrition- eggs include a very good quantity of iron, proteins, fat, essential nutritional vitamins, and minerals that may assist in wholesome progress and growth of your child. After eight months, eggs will be given in boiled or scrambled type to your child. However maintain a verify on any allergic response and seek the advice of your physician on an instantaneous foundation.

  1. Paneer / (छेना):

Paneer is finest for weight achieve and it may present vitamins akin to calcium, selenium, and phosphorus that may give essential nourishment required for correct bodily progress and growth. You’ll be able to mash it and sprinkle some natural jaggery on it, or combine some pomegranate seeds it chopped apple for older infants.

  1. Home made Ghee:

Home made ghee that’s ready from cream or milk has dietary worth. It is without doubt one of the finest meals for a wholesome weight achieve to your child. You’ll be able to introduce it after the eighth month however sparsely as extra can upset your child’s tummy. You’ll be able to add a tsp or 2 in mashed khichdi, porridge, or dal soup.

  1. Yogurt:

The very best time so as to add yogurt in your child’s food regimen is as soon as the child turns one. It could present nutritious energy and fats which can assist in wholesome weight achieve. It could additionally enhance immunity, enhance digestion, and assist to steer clear of gastric troubles. Yogurt being a very good supply of proteins and fat can assist in mind growth. You’ll be able to add items of fruit to it for pure sweetness or make yogurt smoothies.

Month Smart Weaning Meals chart for Quick Weight Acquire in Infants :


Meals Merchandise Ideas for weight achieve
5 months Diluted Juice Use orange, apple, and carrots
Vegetable soups Carrot,  bottle gourd, Tomato, Spinach (Palak), beetroot.
6 months Rice water Add do-it-yourself ghee
Barley water Add do-it-yourself ghee
Skinny dal/dal water Add do-it-yourself ghee
Mashed paneer / छेना add natural jaggery
Wheat-based / rice-based cerelac Home made/readymade and add 1 tsp ghee on it
Boiled mashed potato Add a bit little bit of butter
seventh Month Rice and moong dal khichadi Add 1 tsp ghee
Rawa porridge Use do-it-yourself ghee and natural jaggery
Ragi porridge Use do-it-yourself ghee and natural jaggery
Finger meals veggies like carrots
Mashed Pumpkin  / Candy potato
eighth and ninth month Daliya porridge Add do-it-yourself ghee and jaggery
Oats Porridge Add do-it-yourself ghee and jaggery
Rajgeera porridge Add do-it-yourself ghee and jaggery
Rawa Upama Make skinny like soup
eggs begin from eighth or ninth month when you understand a child can digest
10th Month Excessive residue fruits like mango and papaya
Mashed idli/dhokla
 Curd rice
Banana milk shake / chikku milk sha ke
1 12 months and forward Clear rooster soup  superb for weight achieve
Boiled egg white and yolk

Mashed rooster items

 Mashed fish  When the child is prepared


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Indian food regimen chart for Quick Weight achieve in infants:

Here’s a pattern food regimen plan for quick weight achieve in infants who’re on high feeds,

Early Morning – Breast milk / Components Milk/Cow’s milk

Breakfast– 1 bowl ragi porridge with a tsp of dry fruit combine

Mid-morning– 1 cup roasted paneer cubes/ 1 apple

Lunch– 1 methi paratha with a cup of do-it-yourself yogurt

Mid-evening– 1 cup boiled candy potato cubes

Dinner– 1 bowl moong dal khichdi with a tsp of ghee


Ideas for a wholesome weight achieve and immunity:

  • Make your child’s mealtimes nice and attention-grabbing by maintaining colourful cutlery and plates.
  • Create common and relaxed mealtimes. Don’t drive feed or put stress in your child. The bottom line is to maintain endurance. In case your child refuses to eat, you possibly can introduce meals in another means or another day.
  • Look out for any allergic reactions that might develop from gluten, nuts, eggs, or milk. Seek the advice of your physician
  • Provide ample water and liquid meals to your child. Thirst in between meals or at odd occasions of the day generally is a signal of starvation.
  • Slowly introduce new meals together with your child’s favourite meals at weekly intervals. Present do-it-yourself meals fairly than unhygienic or junk meals.
  • Encourage your child to bask in small bodily actions that may assist to extend your child’s urge for food.
  • Give attention to wholesome healthful meals than meals excessive in fat.
  • Embrace 1-2 drops of lemon in meals the place potential.  you can too use orange slices as finger meals.

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It is very important keep wholesome habits in your baby than attaining a goal weight. A healthful and nutritious diet will finally construct immunity and make your child attain a wholesome weight. In case your child is unable to placed on the specified weight then strive together with the above-mentioned meals and observe the information or seek the advice of your physician. Hope this text on meals and Indian food regimen chart for quick weight achieve in infants (Find out how to enhance immunity in child).

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