Science of Being and Art of Living


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On this traditional guide, Maharishi unfolds his imaginative and prescient for “a brand new humanity developed in all life’s values – bodily, psychological, materials, non secular.”

Not lengthy after Maharishi started his world excursions, his college students urged him to commit this nice educating to paper. In 1963 Maharishi provided to the world the Science of Being and Artwork of Dwelling, which systematically unfolds for our scientific age the knowledge of the Veda and Vedic Literature taught to Maharishi by Guru Dev.

On this quantity Maharishi presents the Science of Being because the systematic investigation into the final word actuality of the universe. Like different sciences it begins its investigation from the gross, apparent degree of life, and delves extra deeply into the refined ranges of the expertise of Nature. The Science of Being, nevertheless, ultimately transcends these refined areas, and reaches the transcendental subject of everlasting Being.

On the time this quantity was written, trendy science had not but glimpsed the existence of a single common subject on the foundation of all pure phenomena, though the invention of this Unified Discipline of Pure Regulation had been Einstein’s remaining scientific quest some many years earlier than. By the 1990s, nevertheless, the Unified Discipline of Pure Regulation had grow to be the best focus of theoretical physics, and trendy science could now be mentioned to have glimpsed the sector of transcendental pure Being.

However this guide remains to be far forward of the target traditions of recent scientific inquiry in a single essential sense: to trendy science, the idea of the Unified Discipline of Pure Regulation is a mathematical abstraction–beautiful and profound, however irrelevant to sensible life. To Maharishi and the Vedic Custom, the expertise of Being, Pure Consciousness–the Unified Discipline of Pure Regulation–is probably the most sensible and helpful expertise in day by day life that one can have. It’s related to sensible life as a result of it’s fully simple for any human being wherever on the planet to have entry to pure Being, and make the most of the limitless potential of Being to make day by day life joyful and profitable. That is achieved effortlessly by the twice-daily follow of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation approach.

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