Active Men’s Alpha-Multi – High Performance Zinc Multivitamin Providing Complete Nutrition for Active Men, Male Health, – 60 Tablets per Bottle (1 Bottle)

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Introducing, Active Men’s Alpha-Multi, the most complete, male multivitamin formulated specifically for active men. Regardless of age, ethnicity, occupation, or physical fitness; stress on our bodies, physical or mental, deplete nutrients and can affect our health. Studies have shown the average American diet does not contain nearly enough vitamins and minerals to provide a man with the necessary nutrition to optimally function throughout the day. Men have a different set of nutritional needs then women. The “one size fits all” approach for a multivitamin is outdated and inefficient. Men need a multivitamin that is formulated to provide them with the specific nutrients and minerals that they need to perform at their best throughout the day.

Active Men’s Alpha Multi is a high potency men’s health formula that provides the fundamental building blocks to create a solid foundation for optimal health in men of all ages. By supplying essential B-vitamins, a broad spectrum of antioxidants as well as important nutrients and minerals like Zinc, Copper, Chromium Selenium and vitamin E, this formula is able to support and maintain cardiovascular, eye and heart health, improve athletic performance, help to maintain a healthy weight and promote sexual virility and performance.

Improves athletic performance, assists in maintaining a healthy weight, reduces fatigue and improves sexual performance and stamina
Highly concentrated all-natural formula utilizing a unique blend of highly potent ingredients allowing for greater absorption and maximum benefit
Manufactured in a GMP certified facility under the most stringent safety standards
60 Tablets per bottle. Take one tablet per day with food

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