Is Covid Vaccine Safe in India (Corona Vaccine Side- effects, Safety, Success and Diet )


Should I or should I not? It is an obvious thought that will come to our mind when we think of the newly invented covid vaccine. Will it work? If yes, then for how long?  What if I get a fever? Is the corona vaccine effective? What are the covid vaccine side-effects in India? Is the corona vaccine safe in India? Is the corona vaccine successful? Hence we have researched our way with the experts and here is All About Covid Vaccines in India (Side- effects, Safety, Diet ).


What is a vaccine?

According to Oxford, a dictionary a vaccine is a mild form of a disease that is put (injected) into a person or an animal’s blood using a needle (an injection) in order to protect the body against that disease. Vaccines are designed to prevent disease, rather than treat disease once you have caught it.

How does any vaccine work?

  • The vaccine is an inactivated or a weaker form of the disease-causing bacteria or virus injected into the body.
  • Once vaccinated the body produces the antibodies that fight the antigen or disease-causing bodies.
  • These antibodies stick to the disease-causing cells in the body and destroy them.
  • This process of making antibodies might take days.
  • The body also produces memory white blood cells. These cells produce new antibodies if in the future you are infected with the same disease.

Common side effects of any vaccine:

Every vaccine will have mild side effects like

  • A sore arm
  • A low-grade fever or
  • Site tenderness

These symptoms are manageable with applying an ice pack over the site or medicine if there is a fever. These symptoms might last for few hours to one or two days.

Is the Corona Vaccine Safe in India?

Now that we know the general facts about the vaccines, Let us learn more about what corona vaccines are? Is the corona vaccine safe in India?

How will covid vaccine work?

The covid vaccine is also made from the weaker or inactivated coronavirus. Once injected, it will produce antibodies that will fight if the body is infected with coronavirus in the future. There is no evidence that it will prevent covid but studies say it will reduce the severity of the disease. The covid vaccine is given in 2 shots which are 28 days apart. The first dose gives a weak response thus a second shot is necessary for a robust response against the virus.

Is the Corona Vaccine Safe in India?

In such a pandemic situation, the urgency of the development of the vaccine leads to the fastest vaccine invention. Like any other vaccine, the covid vaccine has also undergone validated trials and testing. All the covid vaccines available in the market are safe for use.

Surprising Fact: While Some Indians continue to speculate on the safety of Covid vaccines in India, Indian covid vaccines have been successfully supplied to over 65 nations across the globe, under the scheme “Vaccine Maitri”.

Who is Eligible for the Vaccine in India?

At present people eligible for the vaccine are:

  • The frontline warriors like healthcare workers, government workers.
  • Elderly above 60 years irrespective of any disease conditions.
  • Adults above 45 years of age with comorbidities.
  • Very soon kids, teenagers, as well as youngsters will be made eligible for the vaccine too.

Who should not take the Vaccine for Now?

Medical professionals are the best people to advise on whether you should take the vaccine or no. However, according to the WHO guidelines, these people should avoid the vaccine as of now:

  • Those who have any food allergies.
  • If you are allergic to any ingredient present in the covid vaccine.
  • If you are currently sick.
  • Those who have covid 19 symptoms currently.
  • If you are a pregnant or a nursing mother.

You need to avoid taking the vaccine till the next guidelines are issued by the CDC or WHO.

FAQI have already suffered from Covid, so that means I already have coronavirus antibodies. Do i need the vaccine ?

Ans – Yes, one develops the coronavirus antibodies after being affected by the virus. However, the lifespan of these antibodies is not long enough. Hence these antibodies are not your permanent ticket of immunity against the virus. Hence its is advisable to take the vaccine.

What are the covid vaccine side-effects in India?

Covid 19 vaccine-like other vaccines may produce some side effects in some people. These are

  • A low-grade fever
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pain
  • Chills
  • Diarrhea
  • Soreness at the vaccine site
  • Pain on the injection site
  • Redness on the injection site
  • Rashes on the skin or site of injection
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Mild to severe headaches
  • Dehydration

These side effects are mild and can be solved with basic medications. It will take few hours to days for the symptoms to subside on their own. The side effects post the vaccination generally depend on the covid vaccine.

FAQ – Does getting the Covid vaccine mean I will never get Covid?

Ans– No. Even after the vaccination, one can contract the covid virus. However,  the vaccine protects you by minimizing or even zeroing the chances of morbidity and complications. So even after the vaccination, Masks and sanitizers will be required to keep you safe from contracting the virus. 

Home Remedies and Diet Tips For Corona Vaccine Side Effects:

So, Is the corona Vaccine safe in India? Yes, it is. And now we know that the side effects are not seen in every individual who is immunized. But it may occur in some cases. Here are some Home -remedies and Diet tips to overcome Corona Vaccine Side effects.

Keep sipping water and keep yourself well hydrated. If the fever persists then take paracetamol. Replenish the electrolytes by sipping ORS solution or fruit juice. Avoid gluten-based foods for a day or two till fever persists.

Sip on ORS solution, fruit juices, infused water, or coconut water

Drink coconut water, keep yourself hydrated. If the pain continues or is unbearable you can take the pain killers or muscle relaxants.

Sip warm liquids along with dipping your legs in hot water. Read – Indian diet plan for cough and cold.

Consume soft soluble fiber-rich foods. You can include apples, bananas, rice, and curd in the diet. Keep replenishing the body water by sipping on fluids at regular intervals.

  • Soreness at the vaccine site:

Apply an ice pack on the vaccine site and keep your body well hydrated. Drink lemon juice or turmeric milk for better recovery from soreness.

  • Pain on the injection site:

Apply ice pack on the vaccination site. If the pain is intense and not bearable you can take the help of medications.

  • Rashes on the skin or site of injection:

Avoid eating allergy-causing foods like soy, nuts, or eggs till the rashes subside.

Drink lemon water without sugar early in the morning empty stomach. Chew on ajwain seeds after meals. Eat dry toast or khakras instead of excess liquid consumption.

Restore the water and electrolyte balance in the body. Sip on water and ORS or fruit juice or infused water. Check your blood glucose and accordingly eat sugar or stop eating sugary foods. Consume coconut water.

  • Mild to severe headaches:

Rest as much as possible. Keep the body well hydrated. Apply dry ginger and water paste of cinnamon and water paste on the forehead for few minutes for pain relief. Consume lemon water without sugar.

Keep the fluid consumption on the higher side. Consume at least 3 liters of water or other fluids like ORS solution, fruit or vegetable juices, soups, buttermilk, or infused water.


Vaccination is the right of every citizen and also a duty of every citizen to help stop the spread of covid. The minor side effects can be taken care of with help of the dietary tips and medications.


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